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10 Tips for Communication Technology: Best Practices for Solopreneurs!

business leadership Nov 16, 2021

 Article Written By: Christine Rothdeutsch

10 Tips for Communication Technology: Best Practices for Solopreneurs!

  1. Always use a business email address. A business email address is an email address that uses your own business domain name. You'll need to create the domain first, then create the mailbox to match. Free email addresses tend to land in spam. Email addresses associated with your domain give you a professional appearance. Some web hosts provide free email addresses.   
  2. When sending emails to multiple recipients at one time, use an email service provider. The email must contain an easy link to unsubscribe.   
  3. Maintain your contact follow-through system with a CRM (contact relationship management). A CRM for individual follow-through is different from a CRM for mass marketing. Choose a CRM that enables you to track your contact through your pipeline.   
  4. Manage your inbox with filters and folders. Filter important emails into folders. Gmail and Outlook both have the ability to filter emails directly into folders until you are ready to read them.   
  5. Check your SPAM folder daily. Even though you mark an address as a good contact, email service provider protocols may send it to SPAM.   
  6. When communication is vital, pick up the phone. You will know that it has been received and the message can be delivered all at once.  Email may go to spam and text messages may be missed because the recipient’s phone doesn’t automatically show messages or you may need multiple text messages to complete the information.    
  7. When working with a team (even 1) use project management software. All messages and documents are kept within the project. No searching emails for messages.   
  8. Automate all repetitive communications. Email nurturing sequence after delivering your lead magnet, new client onboarding documents, and appointments, and scheduled appointment reminders to name a few.   
  9. Use a free Google Voice phone number redirected to your number and never have a full voice-mail box again. All voicemail messages are transcribed and kept in your Google Voice account.   
  10. Embrace technology and get help when you’re losing time by trying to work things out by yourself! It isn’t going away and you will make more sales. 

Christine Rothdeutsch


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