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Powerful women are Paving the way for Female Entrepreneurs

podcasts Apr 23, 2020

What an honor it was to be joined by Emilia Dimenco, CEO of the Women's Business Development Center on today's Episode of Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up Podcast! Be sure to listen in to hear motivation and direction on how to get cash during the Pandemic and Pivot your business for continued success in this new reality.

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#Thrive Thursday: Meet Deborah Capaccio; Beachbody Coach, Physical Therapist, Leader, and Mom

thrive thursday Apr 22, 2020

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today? 

At the age of 47 years old, I was probably at one of the lowest points of my life.  I truly believed my time had come and gone, my ship had sailed, and frankly, it was too late for me to make any sort of difference in the world. 

However, on the outside, I appeared to have it all. 

The perfect life. Two college degrees, a 22-year career as a successful Physical Therapist, a loving husband who is a physician, 3 healthy children, and the ability to travel and work part-time.  What could possibly be wrong?  How ungrateful must I be? 

Well, on the inside, I had lost my sparkle.  Aside from being a great mom, a devoted wife, and a caring Physical Therapist, I had no idea who I truly was.  I lacked passion, fulfillment, and purpose.  I knew in the depth of my soul, I had gifts and talents that I wasn’t tapping into.  And as...

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Living the American Dream through Change

podcasts Apr 16, 2020

Join me today as I interviewed Hyacinth Henderson, host of the podcast The American Cream, Licensed Stockbroker, registered investment advisor and licensed Life health, and annuity Broker as well as Mikaela Kiner, Author, and CEO of Reverb. Today we unpacked some serious truths around giving yourself permission, igniting change, creating opportunity and remembering that every day the sun will rise, so enjoy the journey!


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How Freelancing creates space for us to give to others

podcasts Apr 16, 2020

Join me today as I interviewed Ashleigh Warren, Founder of SoSocial Marketing and Kelly Surette, Author, Speaker, and adaptive music educator. Their stories they tell are riveting and will open space for you to realize that anything you put your mind to is possible!


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#Thrive Thursday: Meet Eylem Yildirim, Speaker, Online Growth Expert and Mother

thrive thursday Apr 15, 2020

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I came to the US without much when I was 23 and started on the bottom to climb up with hard work and determination. Nothing was given to me, I worked for everything I am today.

I worked at Walmart with little English and within 6 years, I owned my own online marketing company. I know the struggle of running the business with family and went through turmoil for years. I never gave up and brought the companies I started and managed to the multi-million dollar level. I have been in a place of transformation and ready to share what I have.  


What message do you promote?

Once you put your mind into something, you can achieve it. There are gonna be a lot of roadblocks on the way, don’t let them discourage you. Remember that you will get only stronger by the experiences and nightmares you go through. 

In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community?

That’s what I am...

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BUSINESS: The Cornerstones of Effective Women Mentorship

business Apr 09, 2020

The Cornerstones of Effective Women Mentorship

Over the years, women have broken workplace barriers by becoming business leaders and successful entrepreneurs in formerly male-dominated industries. In fact, CNBC reveals that the 2019 Fortune 500 list recorded the highest number of female CEOs to be featured in history. Despite the significant strides, there’s still more work to be done for women in the workplace. 

Women leaders can make their presence even more impactful by taking on the role of mentors. Mentorship is integral for any company, as mentors help employees boost their career prospects. So, how can women shape tomorrow’s leaders now that they’re presented with this opportunity? Below, we dive into the cornerstones of effective female mentorship.

Empowering Them

In the past, people have been taught that working in business is a dog-eat-dog world. Fortunately, many female-led companies are shifting towards a culture that focuses on empowering their...

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#Thrive Thursday Meet Jessica Bargenquast, CEO Lady Changemakers

thrive thursday Apr 09, 2020

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I struggled to maintain meaningful relationships for most of my life. There were very few people that knew everything about me. I liked to keep people at a distance because it made me feel safer. I wanted to appear to everyone on the outside that I was a happy-go-lucky person all the time. 

It wasn’t until I got a life coach that I started to learn that my way of living was not serving me in any way. A switch finally turned on and I realized I was craving real connections with women. I started to build on my relationships, and this is really where my life started to change.

I found that I was always craving ways to support and show up for women around me. A feeling of knowing I was meant to support women in a major way but not being sure exactly how.

It took a few failed blog and business attempts for me to finally come to the idea for Lady ChangeMakers. Previously I had a blog for...

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Replacing panic with possibility during the Pandemic

podcasts Apr 08, 2020

Please join me as I interview Leslie Baer Dinkel, Executive Director of Local Hope Guatemala and Doria Cordova, Owner, and CEO of Money and You. This week we will discuss how non-profits are and in need and how we can serve.


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#Thrive Thursday: Meet Renee Reisch, Author of Finding Your Voice

thrive thursday Apr 01, 2020

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

My journey of losing my voice to an illness in 2013 made me a prisoner in my own body and my own home.  Doctors didn’t know if I would ever speak again. I was unable to be with the public for 3 ½ months. I was sent to a vocal coach and had to do a lot of work. It took close to a year to fully regain the use of my voice.  Four years later, after being released from Corporate America, I kept thinking about the illness, but this time it was in a different way. I knew if God brought me to something and through something so painful there had to be a reason.  It was to be the vessel, the voice for other women who have “lost their voice”. I realized I had not only lost mine physically but metaphorically in my own life. I didn’t speak up or stand up for myself and was more concerned with pleasing others than pleasing myself.  I was inspired by a family...

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How to execute a rock-solid vision and beat all odds!

podcasts Apr 01, 2020

Join myself and special co-host Kay Hutchison as we interview Carey Conley, Author, Speaker and Vision expert, as well as Danielle Williams, professional broadcast journalist and cancer survivor.




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