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Come Out from Under a Rock

lifestyle Jul 26, 2020

Come Out from Under a Rock

By:  Sheryl DeLoach


Seek out ways to live

A better version of yourself

It might be a plan for safety

Or working toward better health.


Try some curious choices

Think outside the box

Risk failure with every new attempt

Rather than living under rocks


Step into the flowing current

Don’t be left behind

If you’re satisfied with staying still

You’re already going blind.


Living in denial

Won’t get you very far

Time to regain relevance

Changing who you are.


Put away the umbrella

Running in the rain

Laughing through the imperfect process

That will surely bring you pain.


It’s easy to resist me

Excuses piled high

Next, I’m no longer welcome

And opportunities passing by.


Modify, transform, reorganize

Alter, convert, mutate

Diversify, remodel, make a change

Time is fleeting, so why wait?


Life’s more than observing

Learn what floats your boat

Time to pack your own new oars

Complacency’s antidote.


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