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#GoalChatLive Podcast with Colleen Biggs about Visibility

podcast Oct 08, 2021

The September #GoalChat theme is Visibility, so what better way to kick it off than a panel of powerhouse women: Colleen Biggs, Lead up for Women; Stacia Crawford, Stay Ready Media; and Caterina Rando, Thriving Women in Business. In order to be visible, you need to put yourself out there consistently, even when you don’t feel like it’s working, because, “It’s always working.”Colleen, Stacia, and Caterina talked about the value of visibility, shared tips for being seen, and offered tons of motivation to do so.

The Key to Visibility
Colleen: Consistency and versatility. Keep up the momentum. Show up for real.
Caterina: Be consistent for two reasons. 1. The more you do it, the more people you reach. 2. The more you do it, the better you get. Be the talent. Get support.
Stacia: It’s all about relationship building.
Colleen: Be the expert you are. What makes you the expert? It’s in background and experience, but also in your heart!

Visibility Goals
Goal from Colleen: Stay consistent. Pick one thing, do it well, and do it every day for one week! Then, do it again the following week. And so on.
Goal from Caterina: Create and share one or two free Zoom events every month. You always want something to invite people to that is an easy buying decision. Free is an easy buying decision. Invite potential clients, but also journalists, podcast hosts, friends, etc,
Caterina's Goal: Get 150 registrations for Shero Speaker Fall Summit
Goal from Stacia: Start building those relationships. Look at media a little bit differently. Start local and see where you can fit in. Follow journalists on social media and respond to their queries.
Stacia’s Goal: Get 10 people booked on television by the end of the year

Bonus Tips to Get Booked
Stacia: For media pitches … Put the journalist’s name in the subject line along with the word “pitch” so you stand out in the in-box.
Caterina: For speaking engagements… Ask your network first. Post on social media: “I have a great talk on XYZ. Who can you connect me with who is looking for speakers on XYZ?”

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