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LIFESTYLE: Life Lessons We Can Take from Children

lifestyle Jan 08, 2020

Life Lessons We Can Take from Children

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, as a responsible adult, it’s your duty to teach children values and information. Essentially like a role model. This undoubtedly sets the child up with a good start in life. This dynamic isn’t viewed both ways however, but what if children can teach us things too?


Playgrounds can be places of intense competition and arguments for a child. The best part about this though is that the children tend to forgive and forget, perhaps quicker than an adult would do so. Often, time spent mulling an argument over internally isn’t a positive approach, as we are focusing on the dispute itself rather than weighing out a solution for it. Whether we feel at odds with a colleague or a loved one, having the ability to process this feeling and forgive rather than carry a grudge can prove extremely beneficial — allowing us to get on with the important things in life.

Being Honest

Children can be honest — sometimes painfully honest, but honest, nonetheless. Children are not afraid to speak their mind. They have no real filter, but they’re excused for naivety. Although we don’t want to be rude to one another, having some honesty and saying exactly what you think can be beneficial for all parties. At work it can lead to the best results possible, as criticism leads to improvements and people will consider one another as more trustworthy. Sometimes, we might feel that something on our mind wouldn’t be warmly received if we expressed it out loud but taking the plunge and being honest could actually prove helpful! For example, by doing so at work, you might come up with an idea or approach that none of your colleagues have considered before! 

Being Enthusiastic

Children tend to get generally excited for anything. If they’re doing an activity, they will try to complete it as best as possible to try and be the ‘winner’. In doing so, they spur each other on to do the same. How useful would this be for us to do too? It will make you strive to be the best you can possibly be, as well as help encourage everyone around you to do the same.


As negative as it sounds, adults have a propensity to cancel on plans. Got a sore finger? — Cancelled! It’s raining? — Cancelled!

Yet children are usually up for anything and don’t let anything get in their way. If there’s a bit of rain and your son wants to go outside, just grab a boy’s waterproof jacket. If they’ve got a sore finger? Just get someone to kiss it better. If we did this, we would enjoy our time so much more, as kids never cease to be having fun. Also, be sure to try new things — get out there and explore! No excuses! 

Live for the Moment

Fortunately for children, they don’t have anything to worry about — no work to complete, no deadlines. How do they act because of this? They make the most of every moment, looking to have as much joy as possible in the moment. Our youngsters tend to have a shorter outlook on life, and by not fretting about the future they simply spend their time learning and having fun! We can get too bummed down by deadlines and upcoming things, so we often forget to enjoy ourselves in the present. Take a break from it and have fun — go somewhere, see your friends, or take up a sport, it’s up to you.

Being Confident

Children don’t worry about what others think of them and do what makes them happy. But in adulthood, we experience a lot of nerves and are quite self-conscious as to what other people’s opinions are about us. If we can adopt the mindset of only caring about what you think of yourself, people will be much more comfortable and outgoing.


Although children often don’t understand the complexities of life, their attitudes are inspirational. They are at the happiest times of their life, so why shouldn’t we take a leaf out of their book?

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