No Time Like The Present By Stacey Golden-Lisnock

business leadership Dec 07, 2021

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No Time Like The Present

Why having your affairs in order matters


Whether or not you realize it, you are constructing your life legacy. We all will leave a legacy behind-nothing more than memories the people we touched during our lives can remember us by. The question is, "Will your legacy be one you would be proud of and, more importantly, that your family will appreciate?"

Most people do not put much thought into what "situation" or "set of circumstances" they will leave their family in if they should suddenly fall ill, be injured, or pass on. That is unfortunate for those who are left with all the responsibilities. What will you leave behind? Will your family know how to access insurance policies, make decisions on what should happen to your pet(s), be able to arrange your funeral, fairly divide or part with your material possessions, and so much more-all while processing grief.

The truth is that most people are not prepared for that health crisis, accident, or death. The majority do not even discuss this, which leaves everyone blind­ sided by life's unexpected turns.

But know this: There is tremendous value in putting all of your affairs in order so that your legacy is a positive one.

I am passionate about helping people be prepared in advance of these chaotic situations. All over the world, people are living with the consequences of a lack of proper planning (or none at all) in regards to a change in health or the passing of a loved one.

As a financial advocate, I have helped many people better understand why they should be prepared. As you will see, the understanding part must come first. It is very disappointing to see a family that is unprepared for what are inevitable events.

If it has not happened to you, imagine how hard it is to get access to the important paperwork and information with any instructions in place. It would be equiv­alent to someone handing you a baton in a relay race you had no idea you were running in. Do you think you could catch the baton, or would you fumble it badly?

It can be difficult to get people to sit long enough to retrieve the information needed for a smooth transition. Along the way,

I have found there are three different reactions to why people have not taken action to ensure a positive legacy:

  • Reaction 1- I have an idea there is more I need to do in order to take care of things, but I'm busy with other matters and concerns right now. (It is way down on my list of priorities-it will have to wail.)
  • Reaction 2 - I do not recognize there is work to I am not convinced, nor do  I have any plans to be concerned at this time in my life. (It's not on my radar.)
  • Reaction 3 - I feel the urgency; I understand the seriousness, and I want to take action. (I am just not sure where to start or who to trust to help )

If you see yourself in any of those reactions, you are in the right place

to get some good recommendations, which are designed to move you to take action. So many things can and do hap­ pen without warning. And when they do, the chaos begins for your family.

I will continue to have these conver­sations since everyone needs to know they hold the key to their loved ones' future-to the degree the legacy they ultimately leave behind affects the quality of life for those left to sort through the loose ends).

While you may hate to imagine a scenario where you cannot be there for your loved ones, take a moment to do just that.

  • Would they be left to mourn in peace, or would they be thrust into the stressful situation of tending to your affairs?
  • Would they know what type of funeral you want?
  • Would they know how to access all of the bills and accounts to be resolved?
  • Could they get into your house,
  • Wi-Fi, bank accounts and are they aware of your hidden treasures?
  • Do you know if your pet(s) will end up in a loving situation?
  • Most people will say, "No", "No", "No" and "No."

Don't be like most people. Be the ex­ ample in the crowd. Help the rest of your circle get prepared. Model what your legacy "can be" for future generations.

That is truly a gift you can give others.

Without help, are you going to organize all your documents so that you and your family can be better pre­ pared? Will you keep yourself account­able  and complete the project?  Will you think of everything?

As a financial professional with more than 30 years in this business, I have seen how people think (and believe) that their lime is unlimited. After all, as the saying goes, the best time to get stuff taken care of is tomorrow. Too many people turn a blind eye to the reality that bad stuff hap­ pens in life. By not being prepared, you are saying, "It won't happen to me." Sadly, everyone says this, even me.

But sometimes we get a  wake-up call like I did when I became ill and was rushed to the emergency room by am­bulance on Dec. 31, 2017. Before that day, I also preferred to believe I had plenty of lime to get things done. This way of thinking can have dire conse­quences. Lite and death decisions that must be made without knowing the wish­es  of the person can be life-changing for those forced to make these difficult decisions. Those types of decisions can break families apart.

For example, pets can be carted oft to the pound. Children can end up in foster care. Insurance policies can get canceled. Houses can go into foreclo­ sure or even sold out.

Since nobody knows how much time they have left, isn't it reasonable to say now is the time to get everything up to date and in order- while you are healthy and cognitively sharp? It is never too early to get this done, but it can be too late.

Do you know the statistics on dementia? Last I checked one in three seniors over age  80 will have some form of dementia. The one we hear the most about is Alzheimer's. Remember, those people were like you and me not too long ago. It is happening to 33%of the senior population. They are living out their lite in a detached reality. That alone should be very concerning, but again, the blind eye gets credit here.

Most people are not prepared if this should happen to them.

Because of my personal story, combined with my years as a financial planner, I have been fortunate to teach others what I have learned. As a bonus, I have turned out to be a pretty good resource for referrals and resources of other needed services.

This topic has become my passion, so I put together a program for people who care about having the important things ready before they become urgent. I'm aware that we each have unique sit­uations and the family dynamic is a big piece of the puzzle. But, whether you re­alize it or not, we all create our legacy. Without taking action to be prepared in advance of a health crisis, accident, or death, you have made an unconscious decision to leave a  disorganized mess for someone else to deal with.

That is not the definition of a stress­ free legacy, is it?


If this article motivated you to learn more on this topic, text me at 714-709- 2027. I will gift you a 30-minute consul­tation to determine where you are in the process of having the best possible legacy for your family. While there is no obligation to work with me, I may be able to give you valuable insight and resources during our time together.

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Stacey Golden-Lisnock is a  Financial  Advocate dedicated to helping people leave a  stress­ tree legacy.  Prior to creating the Got It Together Now! - Emergency Into File Course, she was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for 30-plus years. After falling ill in 2018, she changed her focus from Financial

Advisor to Financial Advocate. Today, Stacey enjoys educating people and motivating them to take action on important topics. She also hosts a weekly podcast, "Legacy Therapy."


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