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Podcast Episode #134 Create Your Dream, Your Way!

podcasts Nov 15, 2021

Episode #134

Join me today on Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up as we interview Lisa Kirkwood at The Star Voyager, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Diversity and Inclusion Expert, and Filmmaker. And of course, we invite you to reach out to our guests today as well as join us in subscribing to our podcast, attending our events, or simply following us on social media! Interested in becoming a member to step into the spotlight and use your VOICE? Or receive more information about the Memberships, click here Snag a copy of my latest book, Step Into the Spotlight to Expand your Influence here You can also find our videos on Youtube (previous episodes) here. Subscribe today to be kept up-to-date on the latest episodes! Click here to claim a free copy of our Lead Up for Women Magazine and read all about our cover Spotlight Patty Farmer, Founder Marketing, Media and Money Magazine, Podcast & Events

Thank you to our Sponsor today: Dr. Melissa Balizan Together we peel back the band-aids and get rid of the unnecessary things that are just treating the symptoms it's time to treat the root cause. Together we leverage the established benefits of eastern and western medicines, focus on the true root cause of the issue, and address it from the core. So be sure to schedule your Ask Dr. Melissa consultation today at

How to reach our Guest: Lisa Kirkwood

A short film on YouTube, Odyssey of the Spacetime Travelers:


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