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Succeed Against the Odds Podcast with Colleen Biggs

podcast Sep 24, 2021

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the podcast: "Succeed Against the Odds."

Listen in to learn more about how to: Lead Up with Colleen Biggs.

Host: Francesca Anastasi
Guest: Colleen Biggs

"You need to listen to your intuition.  You need to listen to your gut."
Colleen Biggs is an Award-Winning Pioneer who empowers women to take the bold steps to Lead Up in their lives and their businesses by stepping into the spotlight to expand their influence and attract more clients. She has extensive success and experience in Corporate America for over 30 years, consulting over 340 business start-ups, franchising, and voluntary national and local community service. She is an Elite Business Consultant that supports women to move from Surviving in their business to Thriving through strategic wealth building. She is an Author of the Best-Selling International Book: The Anatomy of Accomplishment. She is an elite podcast host and interviews powerful leaders to inspire, educate and motivate on Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up. She has published two Journals on Amazon, and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Lead Up for Women. Colleen leads three successful businesses, Lead Up for Women, L.E.A.P., and Success to Significance! Colleen provides women a community of entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions, support, and promote with a purpose to fuel female voices with power. The Lead Up for Women community boasts tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are pioneering the way for women world-wide to dominate the entrepreneurial market.

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