Talking Financial strategies as the SHIFT is getting real!!

podcasts Jul 10, 2020

Debi Robedeau-Corrie never disappoints when we have her as a guest on our Facebook Live chats with Experts and of course on our podcast Speak Up to Lead Up! Today she brought a wealth of knowledge to our listeners regarding how to pivot in today's reality. The SHIFT is real and we can no longer do business the way that we did in the past. She cautioned that we MUST pay attention to our money, create an outreach program within your company to reach out to your customers to see how they are doing (not sell to them) as well as setting goals for what your future looks like. Debi urged all of us to get out of today and continue with your future. Do not let self-doubt consume you, you must move quickly and make decisions TODAY! So what decision are you going to make today for your future??? Watch or listen to the rest of the episode for more spectacular advice that will help you change your future to look bright!


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