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podcasts Jul 06, 2020


Another amazing episode of Speak Up to Lead Up this week as we welcome guests Ann Andrews and Sandra Hill to the show! Ann shared how important it is to recognize what we wear, how we feel and she spoke to identifying her own innocence, and how painful that was for her as a child. I loved her advice of printing a photo of us as a child and placing it on the mirror as a memory to remind us daily that she is still in there and if we build a strong platform of positive words to remind us how amazing we are, we will not allow the labels to stick. Sandra had some WIFI issues with her thunderstorms that rolled in, but that certainly didn't make the weight of her advice any lighter. She strongly advises our youth to remember that they can be more, do more, and speak more. Her work is so important to focus on our youth and allow their journeys to be about self-discovery and who they authentically are. This was a powerful conversation that I invite you to join!


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