#Thrive Thursday: Leisa Reid, Founder, Get Speaking Gigs Now

thrive thursday Apr 08, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

Being raised in Fairbanks, Alaska I learned about survival, resiliency, the kindness of people and the beauty of nature. My dad taught me how to hustle, how to find the humor in just about anything, how to be kind and accepting of others, and that I was loved unconditionally. My mom taught me sharp wit, perseverance, how to travel and that she would always have my back. Although they divorced when I was 2 years old, they maintained a united front and were my biggest cheerleaders.

I was a born teacher. Throughout my life I would always find a way to make it easy for others to learn the concepts that were critical to their success. By the age of 22 years old, I was teaching Interpersonal Communication at Cal State Fullerton University. 

Fast forward to becoming a professional speaker at the age of 40. In my first year as a speaker, I booked over 80 speaking gigs! Other entrepreneurs kept asking me for help because they wanted speaking gigs too. In 2017, I founded Get Speaking Gigs Now to teach them how to get their message heard quicker and more consistently so they could build their bottom line.


What message do you promote?

Do what you love and give your gifts to the world! The entrepreneurs in the Get Speaking Gigs Now Academy all have a passion for making an impact and helping others. They all have expertise that can really help other people. And, they KNOW deep in their bones that they can do it through speaking. It’s almost as if there has been a quiet voice telling them that THEY should be the one up there leading. I had heard that same voice and inner calling even as a child. It doesn’t go away, but in fact gets louder. I help people who have a message to share and are ready to listen to that voice.

In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community?

Connection and Collaboration are two key values I hold dearly. 

As the Founder of the OC Speakers Network I’ve created a space for speakers to support each other and share resources. The group started in 2013 and we are still going strong. Speakers are often working on their talks in solitude. The OC Speakers Network is a safe place to exchange ideas and referrals.

In the Get Speaking Gigs Now Academy I listen to the goals of my clients and guide them so they can get where they want to go quicker and more easily than if they were working on their own. I am IN. THEIR. CORNER. I champion them to rise into their next evolution so that they can make an impact on the people they are meant to serve. This could come in many formats – getting their talk ready to rock, crafting a speaker bio, introduction, identifying their ideal speaking gigs, knowing what to say to the person in charge of the event so they can get an EASY YES and many more successes. 


In business and/or in life, share a struggle you overcame that other women can relate to

Several years ago, I went through a divorce. At the time, our daughter was 6 and so that meant single parenthood for both of us. It was also a time when we had lost everything we had built up financially, real estate, rental properties, and more. It was one of the lowest times in my life. 

BUT, I knew enough to know that there were signs that I had missed along the way. I dove deeply into my own personal development to uncover the blind spots so that I could create a new way of being. 

Not only did that decision change the trajectory of my career (as I became a speaker and trainer for the company I took classes from), but I attracted my current husband (we’ve been together since 2010) and am blessed to have him as my best friend and soulmate. In addition, to success in love and my profession, I shifted my financial mindset too!


What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

The other day, a client shared that she had accomplished more by working with me for 6 weeks than she had in the last year and half on her own! WOW! Those are the kinds of messages I live for! The success of my clients and seeing their dreams come true is the highlight of what I get to do. Linking arms with them is the best way to describe it. Being “alone” as an entrepreneur can be scary and leave you feeling stuck and unsure which way to go. I really enjoy helping them see the potential that I can see in them.


How do you SHOW UP?

I show up ready to go, on time and excited! One of the best gifts of being an entrepreneur are all the new people I get to meet. I enjoy hearing other people’s stories, challenges, and wins. I love linking arms with my clients to help them get where they want to go more quickly, easily and confidently than if they were going it alone.


If you could give one piece of advice for women who are entering the workforce or launching their own business what would that be? 

Don’t judge your BEGINNING by someone else’s MIDDLE.


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Leisa Reid, Founder, Get Speaking Gigs Now

Website: https://GetSpeakingGigsNow.com Get Your Free Gift! 5 Top Tips to Get More Speaking Gigs Now

Get Speaking Gigs Now FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/getspeakinggigsnow

LinkedIn: https://GetSpeakingGigsNow.com/linkedin

Clubhouse: @LeisaReid

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getspeakinggigsnow/

OC Speakers Network: https://GetSpeakingGigsNow.com/network

YouTube: https://GetSpeakingGigsNow.com/youtube


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