#Thrive Thursday: Meet Agnes Loughlin, Practical Visionary

thrive thursday Jul 08, 2020

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

Agnes founded Miracles in Wellness in 2008.  She has a background as a nurse, nurse practitioner, certified in geriatrics, and a  Masters in Nursing through DePaul University.    She developed arthritis.  Reading that the cause of arthritis is unknown in medical textbooks did not resonate with her.  She met these amazing healers along the way because she was open to new ways of seeing herself.    She is certified in emotional healing, Parasite Healing, Theta Healing, Higher Brain Living®,  Potentiate Your DNA and a life coach with The Life Mastery Institute.  She facilitates retreats for women:  Evolving your Joy.  She believes that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. We heal on many levels.  Agnes offers masterminds in creating vibrant health in terms of your longings whether it involves weight or other issues.  Agnes makes health simple to engage in! 


For over 10 years, Agnes has been working with organizations and individuals, supporting them to connect to their visions, accelerate their results, and create expansive, healthier, more fulfilling lives.   

As a sought after speaker, Agnes has offered transformational workshops to organizations and groups around the country.  Agnes has been speaking at the Infinity Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Unity in Chicago, and at Radiant Health & Spirit.   

Agnes Mission“I love my life, I feel deep joy, and I have attracted deep loving relationships.  I enjoy empowering others to connect to feeling more sustained joy and love in their life.”  


What message do you promote?  Women can lead more empowered lives by saying yes to themselves and their longings. I empower them to connect to themselves in a very engaging way that sustains their feelings of joy and happiness.

In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community? I enjoy teaching classes at the Infinity Foundation and speaking more on Zoom these days doing monthly meditations. I have a new YOU Tube Channel which I am excited about.   I love empowering others to become aware of information on how to promote their health. Envisioning my health is a daily meditation which I do two times daily for myself.  Email me for a free copy.  


In business and/or in life, share a struggle you overcame that other women can relate to

My life has not always been happiness unlimited.  When I was in my 40s, it seemed like I had no friends and relationship was just something that happened or did not.  I was married, had two children.  I had no health or other real issues.  Why was I not feeling connected to my life and others?  In fact, it took me many more years to realize that my life was off track.  

I call it going through the motions of life without a deep connection to love in myself and others.  I would go through the business of life: caring for husband, children, working a job, cooking, cleaning, social outings.  One day I woke up from this sleepwalk when a visiting stranger forced me to examine what I really wanted in life.  It was painful at first.  I cried.  I was determined also.  I said that love was the only thing that mattered.  I read a book Power versus Force, recommended by a friend, which helped me to feel that deep joy and connection were possible.  The changes did not happen overnight but gradually over the next 2 years.  What changed was me.  I so wanted to feel that connection to myself as love.  I asked for it in meditation.  I released my emotional baggage and my beliefs about who I am and what is possible.  I learned and received healing modalities that changed my life.

I began to live my life with purpose and passion.  I attracted these amazing relationships.  My relationship with myself changed.  I feel deep joy and deep gratitude in every aspect of my life.  This is why I enjoy and love to support others in connecting with their inner power to have more of the joy and feeling radiant that life offers.  


What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

I feel radiant when others feel good about themselves and their potential to create more of what they love.


How do you SHOW UP?

I show up with a smile and in service.  I refrain from making assumptions that would distort the truth of what someone else is feeling.  


If you could give one piece of advice for women who are entering the workforce or launching their own business what would that be? 

I encourage women to believe in themselves and that they make a difference.  Connect with those who encourage you to keep growing.  Always keep growing and learning.  Life is an exciting adventure.  Connect to your divine gifts, talents, and unlimitedness! For a free copy of your seven unique gifts-email me.


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