BUSINESS: Use the image of a compass to set strategy.

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2019

Companies can chart growth by imagining a compass that offers different paths for growth, whether it be new brands, partnerships or platforms. PwC Australia’s Kate Eriksson says by stepping in a new direction, through a partnership and perhaps a co-branded effort, you’ll see your brand gathering new consumers and fans. Read the Strategy+Business online story here.

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LIFESTYLE: Can ice-cold baths make you happier and healthier?

lifestyle Nov 14, 2019

The Wim Hof Method promises to help people relieve stress and ward off disease by taking an ice bath and learning a breathing technique designed to trigger primitive survival skills, says Dutch founder Wim Hof. Rachel Sugar takes the plunge to try out the method and concludes it’s not for everyone. Read the Bon Appetit online story here

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LEADERSHIP: Ask questions, listen more to have great conversations.

leadership Nov 14, 2019

Use open-ended questions and listen deeply to the other person to improve your conversation skills. Leadership thought leader Amy Boone says those doing the majority of the talking, it can be difficult to allow space for others to assume that role in conversation. Read The Ethos3 Blog here

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Cultivating & Empowering women to fulfill their goals

podcasts Nov 13, 2019

Join us this week as we discuss the importance of fulfilling your goals and business ideas! I am joined by Shez Hatha, Franchisee of Hera Hub and Shelley Blantzy, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and published Author.


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What's your Zone of Genius?

podcasts Nov 06, 2019

Whoever states women can’t dominate in the technology and Law industries are mistaken. This week I’m joined by Wendy Anderson, Law office of Wendy Anderson to discuss how running your business from your zone of genius is the secret to success.


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Lead Up for Women travels to Los Angeles, CA

podcasts Oct 30, 2019

Women must fill their cups first so they may runneth over! Join us this week as we interview those women that spend their days relieving our stress and getting us back on our feet!


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How to build an empire working with family

podcasts Oct 23, 2019

Join us this week as we interview the fearless leader of Cousins Subs, Christine Specht. Christine knew once her Father’s business partner passed away that she had the skills to lead the company, and so she did.


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Raising empowered kids and breakthroughs with outdoor retreats

podcasts Oct 09, 2019

This week we discover how getting away outdoors with Priority Retreats can inspire emotional breakthroughs with Lora Polowczup. She will dive into the benefits of the outdoors and how she arrived at this type of activity to motivate the mind. We are also joined by Robin LaCross, who is also a Voiceamerica show host....


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How women WIN and generate 6 figure incomes as Entrepreneurs

podcasts Oct 02, 2019

Join us this week as we unpack the details behind what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the online, franchising, and Influencer spaces.


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Teach girls while they are young; any career choice is possible.

podcasts Sep 25, 2019

Join us this week as we dive into how it’s possible to teach girls, while they are just 4 months old, to try their best, not necessarily be the best! Our guests believe that girls can have any career they desire. This is exactly what The Little Gym International, Inc.


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