Women Wealth Builders-Let's talk 6 & 7 Figures!

podcasts Jun 05, 2020

Kelly O'Neil did not disappoint with her advice today on how to build the wealth of business to 6 figures and beyond. Growing up in an affluent family herself, she learned at an early age what is meant by having the mindset to apply the strategies to get what it is you want out of life and out of your business. She shared with our listeners today that as an authentic entrepreneur, who is a truth-teller, you need to get CLARITY first! To do this you must know what business it is that you want to start, what is the strategy needed to build it, and how much is it going to cost. Asking those questions will provide clarity on what your step #1 should be. Kelly is available as a private strategist, has programs she has developed to assist Entrepreneurs in attracting the affluent clients they are looking for, and you can find her online in a private group, Marketing to Millionaires Success Circle https://www.facebook.com/groups/M2MSuccessCircle/


(Unfortunately, Deborah Cappacio was...

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Powerful women are Paving the way for Female Entrepreneurs

podcasts Apr 23, 2020

What an honor it was to be joined by Emilia Dimenco, CEO of the Women's Business Development Center on today's Episode of Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up Podcast! Be sure to listen in to hear motivation and direction on how to get cash during the Pandemic and Pivot your business for continued success in this new reality.

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Living the American Dream through Change

podcasts Apr 16, 2020

Join me today as I interviewed Hyacinth Henderson, host of the podcast The American Cream, Licensed Stockbroker, registered investment advisor and licensed Life health, and annuity Broker as well as Mikaela Kiner, Author, and CEO of Reverb. Today we unpacked some serious truths around giving yourself permission, igniting change, creating opportunity and remembering that every day the sun will rise, so enjoy the journey!


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How Freelancing creates space for us to give to others

podcasts Apr 16, 2020

Join me today as I interviewed Ashleigh Warren, Founder of SoSocial Marketing and Kelly Surette, Author, Speaker, and adaptive music educator. Their stories they tell are riveting and will open space for you to realize that anything you put your mind to is possible!


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