Growing businesses that lift women

podcasts Sep 10, 2020

We had a very powerful conversation today with our co-host Ashley Schmitz, and our two guests Michele Wilson and Sathya Callendar. ladies, we have the chance in our lives to choose our path. Do not let the pandemic stop you, do not let violence hold you down, and do not allow yourself to turn the other way when you are learning something new about business. As you will hear in this interview, WE ALWAYS have OPPORTUNITY! WILL YOU GO AFTER IT???????????

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Michele Wilson

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Sathya Callendar



Owner Kutie Patootie's Gift...

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How to stand out: Say what you mean & Stand for your truth

podcasts Sep 04, 2020

We had an incredible interview today learning about how our guests have been able to stand out in their industries and make a difference! We met my co-host Indi Rossi who has made a HUGE name for herself as an influencer on Youtube. We also interviewed Ashley Schmitz and learned how she has a passion for finance and her aspirations are to create financial peace for her clients. Joan Michelson stood in her truth and gave us great advice on hiring people around you with different views to stretch your beliefs! LOVE that! You can hear all about it and more on the full podcast or by watching the video below

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Joan Michelson


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Renew, Refresh, Revitalize - Opportunities for community Growth

podcasts Aug 28, 2020

Vision and HOPE were the main subjects discussed today as Dr. Bertie Simmons and Deborah Deal-Blackwell joined me on Women's Equality Day! Deborah is on a mission to provide clean water to all communities globally and domestically. She is encouraging all to take part in charities such as Charity Water to contribute to the efforts! Bertie is the "Hope Whisperer". Her heartfelt story about how she changed the lives of thousands of school children is one you do not want to miss, listen in below.

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Deborah Deal-Blackwell


Dr. Bertie Simmons

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Work the front-lines or Kiss Corporate Goodbye. What’s right for you?

podcasts Aug 21, 2020

These ladies ROCKED it today with their messages of how to create the life you desire! Shari and Kim shared why they left corporate and the importance of having clarity and a strategic plan to make it happen! Cindy graced us with her compassion for the healthcare industry (nurses specifically) and how she got involved with the DAISY Program. Listen in to learn more about these wonderful guests!

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Shari Weller & Kimberly Mylls:


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Dr Cindy Lefton:


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Let’s Talk Systems & Strategy

podcasts Aug 06, 2020

WOW! Shequana and Cheryl really brought the POWER today to this episode of Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead UP! Shequana shared how important it is for us to take our "Lady of Leisure Days" and not stay stuck in the old ways of pouring from an empty cup! She also educated us on how her assembled productivity firm allows the CEO's of the companies to scale their businesses through her support. Cheryl believes in fabulously living from your highest potential, and shared with us today that you cannot get there without community. Through the one-on-one work that she does with women, she is able to assist them in tapping into their "Secret Sauce" to bring clarity to their brilliance so they can show up boldly!

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Shequana Hughes


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High-Performing Strategies to Grow your Business

podcasts Jul 31, 2020

Today our guests revealed secrets on how to build your businesses strategically, and it was AWESOME!!! Heather started us off by sharing her story of how she became a Neuro Coach after realizing the significant emotional moments in her life. She took those struggles, used them for growth, and paved a path for her and her 2 children to live the abundant life through serving others they enjoy today. Arline shared the sad story of seeing neglected kittens that needed medical attention that kick-started and ignited her passion of helping other businesses grow through community drive, sponsorships, and collaboration. Listen in for the full details on how you can grow your business strategically! Find all of our previous episodes, including this one on any podcast outlet here. 

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Arline Warwick:


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Ignite your power & Lead Up with Colleen Biggs

podcasts Jul 26, 2020

Our Founder, Colleen Biggs, was a guest on The American C.R.E.A.M. w/ VIP member Hyacinth Henderson. 

In this episode of The American CREAM, Hyacinth interviews Colleen Biggs, founder of Lead Up For Women- an elite community that helps women connect, influence, and lead themselves and their community into the next level of leadership. 

Join us for a candid yet powerful conversation that's sure to ignite the fire that fuels your desires and dreams. 

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Design the body and life you desire

podcasts Jul 24, 2020

These two beautiful women I interviewed today brought the rawness of their journeys and SHOWED UP! We first heard from Lisa Frumhoff who shared her vulnerable story of her physical. mental and soulful transformation and how she found her voice, finally! Once she found her voice, she was unstoppable at bringing the true LISA forward to create the life she desires. Next, we heard from Batista Gremaud who shared her deep struggle with chronic pain and how she was able to relieve it through a specially designed program that her then physical trainer provided her. He eventually became her husband and she is now transforming thousands of lives online through their vision! Ladies, we never know where the first step will lead you, you just have to be brave enough to know you want it, and take the step!

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Lisa Frumhoff:

Website ...

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Get it together to build your wealth

podcasts Jul 18, 2020

Today the topic surrounded Getting your life in order and activating your wealth! Stacey Golden-Lisnock shared in her interview that the first step to getting your life in order is having the conversation! After a debilitating illness hit her several years ago, she decided to make a pivot in her life and serve others by assisting them in making sure their "house is in order". What are we speaking of? We are talking about your Wills, Advance Digital directives, etc. Now is the time to create certainty for your family amongst the uncertain. Next, we interviewed Corrina Steward who gracefully shared how you can take steps to eliminate the fear that is holding you back to activate the power you have within to realize your greatest wealth and dreams. The key is to believe it's possible. Listen to the full episode as they offer advice, direction, and action steps you can take TODAY!!


Stacey Golden-Lisnock

Offer: Referral free advance digital directive, just text LEADUP to (714)...

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Talking Financial strategies as the SHIFT is getting real!!

podcasts Jul 10, 2020

Debi Robedeau-Corrie never disappoints when we have her as a guest on our Facebook Live chats with Experts and of course on our podcast Speak Up to Lead Up! Today she brought a wealth of knowledge to our listeners regarding how to pivot in today's reality. The SHIFT is real and we can no longer do business the way that we did in the past. She cautioned that we MUST pay attention to our money, create an outreach program within your company to reach out to your customers to see how they are doing (not sell to them) as well as setting goals for what your future looks like. Debi urged all of us to get out of today and continue with your future. Do not let self-doubt consume you, you must move quickly and make decisions TODAY! So what decision are you going to make today for your future??? Watch or listen to the rest of the episode for more spectacular advice that will help you change your future to look bright!


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