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podcasts Jul 06, 2020


Another amazing episode of Speak Up to Lead Up this week as we welcome guests Ann Andrews and Sandra Hill to the show! Ann shared how important it is to recognize what we wear, how we feel and she spoke to identifying her own innocence, and how painful that was for her as a child. I loved her advice of printing a photo of us as a child and placing it on the mirror as a memory to remind us daily that she is still in there and if we build a strong platform of positive words to remind us how amazing we are, we will not allow the labels to stick. Sandra had some WIFI issues with her thunderstorms that rolled in, but that certainly didn't make the weight of her advice any lighter. She strongly advises our youth to remember that they can be more, do more, and speak more. Her work is so important to focus on our youth and allow their journeys to be about self-discovery and who they authentically are. This was a powerful conversation that I invite you to join!


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How to be YOUR best and Master the strategy necessary to achieve results

podcasts Jun 26, 2020

This AMAZING new episode provides so much advice and content for our listeners to take with them and directly apply immediately to their lives! I want to thank Jill Lublin - Publicity Strategist, Media Insider & International Speaker for sharing your nuggets of gold with your advice to JUST SAY YES and remembering to listen to your heart and be guided by what his happening around you. That advice, especially in this current reality, is very valuable. Also, Jean Allen Kuhn spoke up with advice she gives to her clients to transform their businesses and grow to the next level.

#1 Wealth rewards speed

#2 Take responsibility for mistakes

#3 Do it scared (probably my favorite)

You can find this episode along with all of our past episodes on all podcast outlets. We invite you to subscribe today!


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The art of letting go to show up for your life!

podcasts Jun 18, 2020

Wow! The conversations in this episode blew me away! Are you struggling to show up in life? Listen to this episode! Jessica Bargenquast was so courageous with the profound wisdom she shares about self-sabotaging that we all tend to do, and how making the effort, whether you are scared of not, to show up on camera and share your message will change your life and the lives of others. Thank you Jessica for your bravery to create a community of Lady Changemakers, and have a directory where women can SHOW UP! Jill shared her deepest experiences with growing up and how her mother and she had a similar relationship that many of us can relate to, "Mom wants me to be this, but I don't know who I want to be yet"....sound familiar? Let go of what doesn't serve you, states Jill. she shared these easy steps to BEGIN!

Step #1: Identify where you are stuck

Step #2: Write down "If only I could X, then I could X"

Step #3: Write! Journal those thoughts and you will see your answer!!

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Iconic Women Healing our World

podcasts Jun 12, 2020

Today's conversation is VERY powerful as Dr. Carolyn Candido and Laura Marcos share how we can all heal ourselves and the world by choosing to empower ourselves and our health journey. Laura shared that we cal all control our reality. She talks about "playing in the garden of healing" and how we are intuitive beings. We need to listen more, be present more, be true to ourselves, and humbly use this as the empowerment vehicle to using our voices to be heard. Carolyn shared in-depth pillars of your empowerment health journey as steps:

Step 1: Optimize your gut

Step 2: Remove toxins

Step 3: Balance your hormones, thyroid, and adrenals

Step 4: Get adequate sleep

Step 5: Move!

Listen to the full stories of how you can connect with them, their resources, and receive the assistance you need to empower your health journey,  lead the life you desire without fear or panic but with healthy choices and belief in the healing that your body was built to produce.

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Women Wealth Builders-Let's talk 6 & 7 Figures!

podcasts Jun 05, 2020

Kelly O'Neil did not disappoint with her advice today on how to build the wealth of business to 6 figures and beyond. Growing up in an affluent family herself, she learned at an early age what is meant by having the mindset to apply the strategies to get what it is you want out of life and out of your business. She shared with our listeners today that as an authentic entrepreneur, who is a truth-teller, you need to get CLARITY first! To do this you must know what business it is that you want to start, what is the strategy needed to build it, and how much is it going to cost. Asking those questions will provide clarity on what your step #1 should be. Kelly is available as a private strategist, has programs she has developed to assist Entrepreneurs in attracting the affluent clients they are looking for, and you can find her online in a private group, Marketing to Millionaires Success Circle


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