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IERA-Best Woman Leaders of 2021 Featuring Colleen Biggs

Click the link to read the article on the IEra Website! Colleen Biggs, Founder of Lead Up for Women, Best WomenLeaders of 2021 | IERA Women Leaders (

“Building Leaders of Tomorrow”

Colleen Biggs, Founder, Lead Up for Women, is a fierce leader who believes everyone must show up authentically exactly who they are to succeed in any business. She possesses the ability to influence others by her no-nonsense approach to believing you can do anything you put your mind to. She teaches on the ability to “Pull money out of thin air” by creating the life you desire. She believes that if you are solving a problem, you have a business, and she empowers thousands of women to build businesses and monetize their messages with their unique God-given talents. Colleen’s approach to her women’s organization is different than most. Instead of offering only the typical collaboration, networking, masterminds, training, etc., she takes it to...

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Join the next Book Club: Starts July 21st!

business Jun 30, 2021


I truly believe that Personal Development is essential in growing our businesses. We must constantly be looking in the mirror. As a Member of Lead Up for Women, you are personally invited to join our weekly Book Club! Click on the photo of the book to purchase your copy easily on Amazon!

I purchase them on Amazon (Click book link). The book we are reading next is "Everything is Figure-Outable by Marie Farleo. EVERYONE can use these lessons and apply them to our daily lives to engage in a better relationship with our determination and grit!

 You can read, listen, kindle, whatever you like!

We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 3 pm Pacific | 4 pm MT | 5 pm CT | 6 pm ET.

The registration link below will lead you to Zoom to register, then you will receive a confirmation email that you can add the meetings to your calendar weekly, which includes the weekly zoom link so you never forget! 

 #1: Purchase your book


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A secret weapon to thriving when working from home!

business Jun 07, 2021

Is it that easy to have happy, engaged, inspired employees when they are working remotely??

Our business environments have changed drastically since Working From Home #WFH has been imposed upon us. A year ago, many businesses were uncertain that flexi-hours, working from home were good ideas, that it could work! Well, this pandemic has made us all re-think how we work, how can we still deliver exceptional customer experiences with the team working remotely!

The problem is keeping employees happy and engaged when they are all on their own is not as easy as it seems. Working in your PJs, or still lying in your bed, or trying to juggle the kids, the dog, the spouse, as well as being productive is certainly not conducive to maximal performances!

Do you know that our environment has a direct effect on our State: our thinking, feeling and behavior. Environmental psychology, the scientific study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their physical...

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business Mar 12, 2021

Here today and gone tomorrow is an unfortunate and all too familiar story for many organizations.  There's one thing that many of them have in common...They are challenged with systems failure, or simply put, they have no systems in place at all.  When a business allows its systems to operate efficiently, it will help sustain a venture for years to come.


What Are Systems?

Before we dive in, let's talk about what systems are! Have you ever tried to make your mom's favorite dish, but it never really taste the same? Perhaps you were missing an ingredient that was overlooked or one that you weren't even aware you needed. Wouldn't it have been much easier if you had the actual recipe to reference each time to ensure accuracy and a better outcome? A point of reference, the women in my family get together during the holidays and prep the meals before we cook it. We chop vegetables, measure the ingredients, and make the broth. When it's time to cook the meal, it's a breeze....

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How to Expand Your Business and Retain Control

business Nov 23, 2020

Image: Pixabay

As women in business, we always have the opportunity to learn something when it comes to leading and succeeding in the business world. And every owner wants to expand their business in the future. However, there's a risk of losing control and failing that comes with scaling. So this article will review some tips that you can use to expand your business while keeping it under control.

Fixing Your Cost Structure

Before anything else, you will need to assess your business’ cost structure. The expansion comes with additional costs like new machinery or a new location. Being blindsided by expansion costs could hurt your company. Finding a way to lower your operating costs frees up cash, allowing your business to grow and stabilize. You can cut costs by eliminating low-earning products or low-performing services, or by improving your inventory turnover through new marketing and sales tactics. However, you also must be careful not to cut costs in a way...

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BUSINESS: The Cornerstones of Effective Women Mentorship

business Apr 09, 2020

The Cornerstones of Effective Women Mentorship

Over the years, women have broken workplace barriers by becoming business leaders and successful entrepreneurs in formerly male-dominated industries. In fact, CNBC reveals that the 2019 Fortune 500 list recorded the highest number of female CEOs to be featured in history. Despite the significant strides, there’s still more work to be done for women in the workplace. 

Women leaders can make their presence even more impactful by taking on the role of mentors. Mentorship is integral for any company, as mentors help employees boost their career prospects. So, how can women shape tomorrow’s leaders now that they’re presented with this opportunity? Below, we dive into the cornerstones of effective female mentorship.

Empowering Them

In the past, people have been taught that working in business is a dog-eat-dog world. Fortunately, many female-led companies are shifting towards a culture that focuses on empowering their...

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BUSINESS: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Work Computer

business Feb 26, 2020

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Work Computer

Nowadays, most modern jobs provide work computers. It is essential to get things done. But sometimes people start to loosen up and use a work computer for work-unrelated matters. And that is not a good idea. Here are 5 things you should avoid doing on a work computer.


#1: Don’t Log In Into Open Wi-Fi

If your work computer is a laptop, you probably bring it home or to meetings outside of work. But wherever you are, avoid using a WiFi network without the password. Open WiFi means that anyone is able to get all the details you are filling in on your computer. It’s especially risky to be checking sensitive business data. 

Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of the Board of hosting provider Hostinger, warns: “One of the most common threats on an open network is an attack called Man-in-the-Middle. When a computer connects to the Internet, data is sent from the computer to the website. Open Wi-Fi can allow an...

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BUSINESS: 5 Ways to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

business Dec 13, 2019

5 Ways to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

By Esme Oliver

Ever since I graduated from college, I have worked in high-pressure environments with a lot of powerful men.  The vast majority of men who I interacted with on a daily basis were my superiors. I have worked in Congress, law firms, a Fortune 100 company and a startup throughout my career. As different as each job sounds, I had one thing in common at all of them. I was at the receiving end of sexual harassment at each job.


Believe it or not, I can say that I have been sexually harassed at almost every job I have ever had. However, in the wake of the #metoo movement, this fact probably won't surprise you or anyone else.  Although I was young and naive when a lot of this happened, upon the precipice of 40, I did eventually work up the courage to file a lawsuit against my harasser -- and I won. This was a daunting undertaking, but I realized it was something I personally needed to do. Quite simply, it...

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BUSINESS: How Can Facilities Managers Improve Sanitary Waste Practices?

business Dec 11, 2019

How Can Facilities Managers Improve Sanitary Waste Practices?

(From our friends oversees)
Now that climate change has become harder to dismiss, many of us are more aware of how human activity impacts the environment. This gradual surge in awareness has targeted all aspects of life with an amplified call for changes in behaviour. Even small aspects of our daily routines can be harmful to the environment.  The sanitary sector is certainly not exempt from this and many women may take the creation
and disposal of these products for granted. However, these products can be a huge contributor to environmental damage. The Women’s Environmental Network has found that, on average, a woman will use more than 11,000 disposable menstrual products over her lifetime, which produces a staggering amount of waste. While periods are a reality that we cannot avoid, could we be managing the associated waste in a cleaner, eco-friendlier way? One of the most important things that facilities...

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BUSINESS: Corporate communications has a strategic role.

business Nov 14, 2019

Effective corporate communications can play a vital role in boosting employee engagement, investor confidence and brand recognition. Kimberly Ramalho, a communications executive for Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems, says as more chief executives are acknowledging, it’s a serious, strategic aspect of business, and a fundamental ingredient for the health and future of the enterprise. Read the Thrive Global story here

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