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Be Still my Soul

lifestyle Jul 26, 2020

Be Still My Soul

By:  Sheryl DeLoach


All things quiet

Settle into still

Let the brain replenish

New cells grow at will


Reflecting in the moment

Creative juices flow

All the possibilities

Nurtured, and in tow


Listen to the stillness

Deep down in your heart

What you hear inside you

Wisdom to impart


Conscious, keen awareness

Calmness to pursue

Cutting out the clutter

Inside the brain of you


Welcome the refreshing

Moments of the soul

Reducing stressful hormones

Time will take its toll

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Come Out from Under a Rock

lifestyle Jul 26, 2020

Come Out from Under a Rock

By:  Sheryl DeLoach


Seek out ways to live

A better version of yourself

It might be a plan for safety

Or working toward better health.


Try some curious choices

Think outside the box

Risk failure with every new attempt

Rather than living under rocks


Step into the flowing current

Don’t be left behind

If you’re satisfied with staying still

You’re already going blind.


Living in denial

Won’t get you very far

Time to regain relevance

Changing who you are.


Put away the umbrella

Running in the rain

Laughing through the imperfect process

That will surely bring you pain.


It’s easy to resist me

Excuses piled high

Next, I’m no longer welcome

And opportunities passing by.


Modify, transform, reorganize

Alter, convert, mutate

Diversify, remodel, make a change

Time is fleeting, so why wait?


Life’s more than observing

Learn what floats your boat

Time to pack your own new...

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The unexpected anxieties of being pregnant throughout Covid-19…

lifestyle May 07, 2020

The unexpected anxieties of being pregnant throughout Covid-19…

Pregnancy can feel incredibly daunting. Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible experience but expecting mums can often feel anxious and unprepared. In the current climate, pregnant women are undergoing more uncertainty than ever. 

On Monday 16th March, pregnant women were officially encompassed in a “vulnerable group” by the chief medical officer. Naturally, this announcement has led to distress and anxiety, especially as there’s little information currently about the impact Covid-19 could have on pregnant women and new-born babies.

Let’s look more closely at the advice that pregnant women should be following and explore the ways that they can cope with pregnancy during the Covid-19 outbreak with the help of a very trusted source, Lil - Lets.

During this time, women and their families must take all the precautions recommended by the UK government, including self-isolation...

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LIFESTYLE: Curve Balls and My New Story

lifestyle Mar 05, 2020

The last week in December through me a few curve balls.
Not that I hadn’t had curve balls thrown before. I have. And I’ve survived. Always with a little help from my friends.
In one week, in the space actually of two days, three interesting balls lobbed my way.
First, after weeks of my car sometimes starting, sometimes not, I had dropped it at my favorite mechanic, Car Docs, knowing something was up. Hoping against hope each time I got in my car those last few weeks that my car would start!
That little car started in order for me to get it to Car Docs. It was one of the last times it would start. It was unfortunate; however, my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid would start only one more time. Speaking with Ed at Car Docs, I had to have it towed to a Ford dealer so that the computer systems could be checked out. My insurance kicked in and the Escape was towed, with no promise of them looking at it until next week. My intuition told me this was probably it for the little car that I had...

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LIFESTYLE: From Sour to Sweet with Diva Danielle

lifestyle Jan 30, 2020

download (2)Taking the bitter and making it sweet.  Life is unpredictable and that is what makes it fun, exciting, grueling and very rewarding.

When my life handed me a lemon in the form of a life treating disease of stage 4 lung cancer as a non-smoker.  I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make lemonade out of this situation.

What I did know was that I was going to be in for the fight of my life going forward. Once I came to grips with my lemon aka my cancer things began to morph.

download (3) In the beginning stages of my journey, my lemon was a beast, unfamiliar, hard to handle and wrap my head around.  Once I started to embrace my lemon, look at all the edges and feel it out. I started to see my lemon in a different way.

My lemon had become a force in my life that I had to learn how to overcome and ultimately conquer.  I had to take my lemon and make it my own. What does this even mean?  Well for me I started to treat my lemon like it wasn’t sour....

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LIFESTYLE: Find your WARRIOR at the Yoga Studio

lifestyle Jan 08, 2020

It’s Tuesday or Wednesday or Friday or Sunday and I’m in one of my very favorite places and spaces. The Yoga Studio at Lifetime Fitness. I hit that door and I know without a shadow of a doubt something is going to happen…change…I will find clarity or hear a message that I need to hear at that exact moment in time.
It happens all the time. In every single yoga class I attend.
Just when I least expect it, the instructor says something amazing that I could have heard a million times before and yet, this time it sinks into my cells. Into my brain. Into my heart. And I never know when it’s going to happen. But it does. Constantly and continuously.
Breathing easier in the yoga studio is a truth for me. I can be turned upside down, challenging myself in a tripod pose or simply flowing and I know I am where I am supposed to be.
It was in THIS yoga studio that I found my Warrior. In those beginning classes during a particularly rough time, I needed Warrior One and...

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LIFESTYLE: Life Lessons We Can Take from Children

lifestyle Jan 08, 2020

Life Lessons We Can Take from Children

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, as a responsible adult, it’s your duty to teach children values and information. Essentially like a role model. This undoubtedly sets the child up with a good start in life. This dynamic isn’t viewed both ways however, but what if children can teach us things too?


Playgrounds can be places of intense competition and arguments for a child. The best part about this though is that the children tend to forgive and forget, perhaps quicker than an adult would do so. Often, time spent mulling an argument over internally isn’t a positive approach, as we are focusing on the dispute itself rather than weighing out a solution for it. Whether we feel at odds with a colleague or a loved one, having the ability to process this feeling and forgive rather than carry a grudge can prove extremely beneficial — allowing us to get on with the important things in life.

Being Honest


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LIFESTYLE: To get more done, take playtime seriously

lifestyle Nov 14, 2019

Teams can become more creative when they are allowed to play, whether for the physical benefits or because it shows they feel safe enough to express themselves. See why play is fun, but its purpose is serious stuff. Read the Big Think story here.

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LIFESTYLE: Can ice-cold baths make you happier and healthier?

lifestyle Nov 14, 2019

The Wim Hof Method promises to help people relieve stress and ward off disease by taking an ice bath and learning a breathing technique designed to trigger primitive survival skills, says Dutch founder Wim Hof. Rachel Sugar takes the plunge to try out the method and concludes it’s not for everyone. Read the Bon Appetit online story here

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