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#ThriveThursday: Rochelle Brandvein, Owner of Brandvein-Aaranson PR

This article was written by Rochelle Brandvein in the latest issue of the Lead Up for Women Magazine in the Philanthropy section. If you like the article, please click the link below to download the magazine.

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Free to be Miss Independent

When growing up, I associated independence with my freshly laminated driver’s license. It was basically a pass to everything with a few limitations like following a semi-rigid curfew and scrounging up gas money. My license literally gave me the license to go where I wanted (within reason) and do anything I desired (if my parents didn’t find out.) It was like a breath of fresh air,
especially when I manually rolled down the windows, letting the breeze blow through my non-airconditioned clunker graciously handed down to me from my parents.

I compare my driving independence to summertime, which is filled with all types of freedoms. Kids are free...

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Hammersmith Support Gives Back!

philanthropy Feb 26, 2021


Each year, Hammersmith Support selects a nonprofit and provides our maintenance services pro bono for the next year. During this time, we’re able to get their website updated not only on the “inside,” but we’re also able to make content changes and add infrastructure that benefits the users as well as the organization in so many ways.

Our newest pro bono client will receive 1 year of Hammersmith Support maintenance. This includes:
- Site backups and live staging copy maintained
- Security scans and malware prevention
- Site optimization
- Full site test each month
-Submission to Google Search Console
- 2 hours of content updates monthly – this includes adding or
updating donation forms, update images, blog posts, news articles,
landing pages, visual updates, etc. This time can also be used to add
additional features to your site!

We are accepting applications through March 28th.  Additional
information, and the link to...

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PHILANTHROPY: Five Clear-Cut Ways to Achieve PR Success

philanthropy Dec 11, 2019

Five Clear-Cut Ways to Achieve PR Success
Learn the secrets to standing out in a nonprofit world

Written by: Rochelle Brandvein

Comparing yourself to others is normal. You might wish you were taller like your friend Randy or could stay as fit as your friend Beth. But what about measuring your work success—particularly in the nonprofit world—to those who are killing it via publicity and always seem to be on the evening news…and interviewed by amajor podcaster…plus featured in a national publication? How is it possible that the media are covering your competition with so much zest while you watch from the sidelines without so much as a single nibble?
The Haves and The Have Nots
Don’t covet the larger nonprofits, which may be graced with a marketing person (or even team) who gets their name in the spotlight. Their size and resources shouldn’t keep you from achieving recognition for your own
solid work. Stop making excuses and start making headway....

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