#ThriveThursday: Tricia Parido, Are You Living The Way You Desire?

thrive thursday Dec 16, 2021

Tricia Parido wrote this article in the latest issue of the Lead Up for Women Magazine in the Lifestyle section. Please click the link below to download the magazine if you like the article.

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Are You Living the Way You Desire?

Check out your responsiveness and reactivity

This may be a unique way to begin, but I believe-no, I know-for us to be in the same headspace, we need to be jumping into the conversation from a place of self-reflection, personal identification. We need a specific focus on our personal needs. Therefore, I am starting with this personal assessment, or survey, if you will, to get your juices flowing and give you a point of reference.

For the following, choose one answer to describe where you are with each area below be using the following answers:

  1.  Always
  2.  Some of the time
  3.  Rarely
  4.  Does Not Apply to Me
    • Kneejerk reactivity
    • Emotional reactivity
    • ...
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#ThriveThursday: Jorgie Franks, Owner of Jorgie Inc.

thrive thursday Dec 09, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I would say, my awesome parents! I knew my superpower to influence others in a positive way from a young age knocking on doors telling people of Jesus. Now I am an amazing sales consultant and business development leader. I help introverted, and ambivert business owners increase sales and gain confidence. 


What message do you promote?

I promote entrepreneurs and business owners living their dream and monetizing their talent. I challenge them to go from clarity to confidence in sales or let me do it for them. 


In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community?

I have taken leadership roles on non-profit boards, and I am currently the president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Brandon. Leadership is taking a servant role and encouraging people to serve in their gifts. 


In business and/or in life, share a struggle you overcame that other women can relate to


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#ThriveThursday: Jaci Finneman, Founder of Hello World LLC

This article was written by Jaci Finneman in the latest issue of the Lead Up for Women Magazine in the Lifestyle section. If you like the article, please click the link below to download the magazine.

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Families first

How No-Problem Parenting is helping refocus today's child rearing issues

In my work with children who have experienced a disrupted attachment with their birth mothers, I often start with empathy for the child. If the child is old enough, at least 5 years old, I draw a picture that explains the importance of the First Year of Life Cycle. During this cycle, babies have needs, and ways they express those needs.

     One of the most natural ways babies express themselves is through crying. Whatever it is they need, they cry. And if their mother is not close enough, they cry harder. Sometimes, they cry so hard they show rage. Their faces turn deep red; their bodies...

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#ThriveThursday: Lisa Terry, Sales Manager

thrive thursday Nov 25, 2021

What is your story

My life has been an exciting adventure! I’m one of four girls raised on a 5-acre farmette, and we sure loved our animals growing up.  I was always daddy’s little helper doing chores, mowing, and assisting with changing the oil, etc.  I started babysitting at a young age for a couple that owned a shoe store.  Once I was able to drive, they asked me to start working in their store. They taught me so much about sales, which started me out in my sales career.  While I was working at the shoe store, I met my husband, Michael.  We got married a year later, and I was only 19 and have now been married 36 years.  We had a rough start in our second year of marriage; we lost our first home to a house fire.  Thank the Lord we didn’t have any children at the time but did have Labradors that woke us up at 3 am in the morning.  It was so scary, and we barely got out.  It was a life-changing experience for...

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#ThriveThursday: Melissa Deally, Integrative Health Practitioner

thrive thursday Nov 18, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I am one of the lucky ones to have led a very blessed life, it doesn’t mean it was without struggle, but I look back on all aspects with gratitude because it has made me who I am today. I was born in Australia, raised in Japan, and moved to Canada 30 years ago for what I thought would be Whistler's season and have never left! I was the oldest of 4 kids, and at 13, my father suddenly died of blood clots after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I became the second parent, as my sisters were on 3 and 5. I grew up fast but somehow had the wisdom to appreciate that while losing my Dad sucked (as I was a Daddy’s girl), he was still with me, sitting on my shoulder, guiding me. I also appreciated that I had been fortunate to have him in my life for 13 years; my youngest sister only had him for 3 years. 2 years after his passing, we moved back to Australia; I poured myself into my studies and...

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#ThriveThursday: Jean Kuhn, Serial Entrepreneur and Author

thrive thursday Nov 11, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I knew I wasn’t going back to a job I hated once my first baby was born. Over 35 years of being an entrepreneur, I have started, closed, and sold a lot of different businesses. It took me about 17 years to really figure it all out. In 2002, I bought a bankrupt retail brick and mortar business and turned it around in 12 months. I brought the company profitable and added $100,000 to the bottom line. In 2006, I bought another bankrupt retail brick and mortar company and turned it around in less than 12 months, again adding over $100,000 to the bottom line. 


What message do you promote?

I help business owners turnaround a stagnant business and increase their cash flow fast.


In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community?

I’m seen as a leader. I speak to groups all over the country, but at home, I’m seen as the person you want to talk to about what strategy your...

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#ThriveThursday: Jackie Wetzler, Distributor for ASEA

thrive thursday Nov 04, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

I am 32 years old, and I was born in Gaithersburg, MD. Even as a child, I had always wanted to make an impact in the world, so I became a TV news reporter and anchor and moved to Casper, WY, for my first news position at NBC. After realizing that wasn’t my dream job, I reached out to Facebook in search of a life coach. I ended up talking to a mutual friend of my mother’s and I, who I didn’t realize was a life coach, and I told her what I was looking for in the “perfect” job: not a 9-5, not working in a cubicle, being my own boss, helping people, and having time freedom! She told me, “Jackie, you might not want to hear this, but you might want to talk to your mom.” Little did I know, my mom was and still is one of the top 10 leaders in the company I am now partnered with, ASEA. I now live outside of Denver, CO, and work this business full-time, educating...

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#ThriveThursday: Veronica Vargas Imagineer & Founder of Shaboo Prints

thrive thursday Oct 28, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

All my life I dutifully did what I was told. I was a model daughter and friend, then a citizen, a girlfriend then an employee.

I became a marketer and was working in various corporate environments, the last being commercial aircraft. I worked hard and lived for the weekend, like everyone else. By the time I was in my thirties, I became very unfulfilled and depressed, which baffled me because I was doing everything “right”, which society defined as successful living. I started to think that I was broken, that something was wrong with me and it all peaked with a breakdown in the shower one Monday morning before work. I hated everything about my life! I realized that if I was going to survive within that context that I was going to have to do more activities that brought me joy. But at the time I didn’t even know what that meant so I remembered the joy I felt as a child. I recalled...

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#ThriveThursday: Vickie Griffith, CEO

thrive thursday Oct 21, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today? 

I have always been fat. It was cute as a baby, not so cute at 6, 12, 24 years old, and beyond. I have been on every diet, from grapefruit pills to the expensive big-box programs. They all worked. I would lose a few pounds and then gain it all back. Discussed, discouraged, and frustrated, I decided that dieting was not the answer I was seeking. It did not provide permanent weight loss. Instead, I stopped dieting, stopped judging myself, and threw out our scales resulting in a 70-pound weight loss, and have kept it off for 21 years now. 


What message do you promote? 

Work with women over 40 who struggle with diets to lose weight without grueling food plans, drop-dead workouts, or giving up Chocolate……. Or Wine. 


In what capacity do you LEAD UP in your community? 

A different approach to weight loss without diets, willpower, or body...

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#ThriveThursday:Cheryl Rausch, Artist & Founder: Cheryl Rausch Art LLC

thrive thursday Oct 14, 2021

What is your story? Or in other words, what made you your awesome self you are today?

My name is Cheryl Rausch, and I have always been a psychic medium and artist. They go hand-in-hand and always have been. Reason being: as a child, the spirits/ghosts that would come to me would frighten me terribly. What’s more, this was an almost daily occurrence. I didn’t understand who or what they were and had no way of finding out or even speaking about it to others. When the fear would overwhelm me, I would run outside and watch the signs of nature around me and try to draw them. Nature’s beauty and mystery so intrigued me that it distracted me from the fear that was normally my constant companion. So, when a ghostly situation got too intense or terrible, I would retreat to my sketchbook and pencil.

It wasn’t until I grew to adulthood and began a life of my own that I finally decided to find out WHY ghosts were always around me. It was then that I realized that most...

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