Every month, Lead Up for Women hosts events that supports our mission to unite women of all cultures, race, and diversity in realizing their greatest potential by inspiring each other to lean in to their best self and lead up from everywhere, then in turn, inspire others to do the same. We also host member led Webinars, Monthly Coaching Webinars, and a TON of National Events for every woman, everywhere! Stay connected & learn! Browse and signup below.


Upcoming Events 

Hope is Not a Strategy, with Rosanna Berardi, Esq. | June 9, 9:00am PST

Making SIMPLE Videos, with Patti Troisi | June 23, 9:00am PST

 2020 Sanctuary Sept. 17th-20th Dallas, TX

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2020 Be You, Be Strong Sanctuary Events

Be You Be Strong is an Elite Sanctuary for Women that have a burning desire to lead their lives without asking permission of others. This Powerful supported gathering is designed to foster your unique personal story, and individual clarity and growth; all while nurturing the discovery of YOU and your personal brand. Only 16 women will be chosen to preserve this safe space required to cultivate the eruption of POWER needed to shed the armor for good. We believe in you to SHOW UP and share your bad-ass self with the rest of the world! Because you are worth it! Imagine what life would be like if you had a supportive community of connected women who truly believed in you, loved you just as you are, and stood by you? Are you ready to take the action needed to amplify your Passion to ignite the Power needed to truly lean into your Purpose? Are you ready to break through those pesky little voices that tell you “you are not enough”? Hell yeah! So are we! Imagine your life led on your terms, every day, all the time. Not only will you nourish your soul, but you will also nourish your physical body through daily yoga, and eating a clean Paleo diet the entire event. Chef "V" -The Paleo Boss Lady will be teaching you how to eat clean and how to cook like a Paleo BOSS! Yesterday will never be here again and tomorrow is quickly approaching. Today is the day to decide you will pick up the pen and write your miraculous future and live life on your terms.


Join us for 4 all-inclusive, intimate and community-oriented days filled with inspiration, sister-hood, workshops, Paleo home-cooked food, acceptance, love, royalty-like pampering, and a hell of a lot more!

All we ask is that you bring YOU! 

1 More Sanctuary in 2020:

Sept. 17th-20th Dallas, TX

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#TeachingTuesday Webinar Series (FREE)

Twice a month a Lead Up for Women Member will host a Webinar that supports our mission to Unite women of all cultures, race, and diversity in realizing their greatest potential by inspiring each other to lean in to their best self and lead up from everywhere, then in turn, inspire others to do the same. We call it #Teaching Tuesday!


Hope is Not a Strategy: 

Turning Your Business into a Money-Making Machine Post-COVID  

with Rosanna Berardi,Esq.

The recent coronavirus has plummeted the U.S. economy into a deep recession.  As women business owners, this is not the time to put our heads down and “hope” it all works out.  We need to develop business blueprints to strategically plan our next steps.

Rosanna Berardi will guide our listeners through recreating their business or personal plans.  She will provide actionable items and plans that will help you make your business stronger than ever.



Making SIMPLE Videos!

with Patti Troisi

Do you struggle to express your message authentically through a camera lens? Does being on video feel awkward to you? “Patti will be teaching you her signature SIMPLE framework for making ANY video.  This is a tried and true formula that works.  Patti Troisi is a transformation coach and actress for over 25 years in Hollywood who works with conscious entrepreneurs to ignite their unique expression on camera.  She uses mindset tools she guides her clients directly into their limiting stories where she is able to help them break open their heartfelt message so they can reach through the lens and into the hearts of their audience confidently and consistently.  Her strategies and systems and signature frameworks create proven results and conversions that are long-lasting.  Her soul's mission is to move as many conscious visionaries as she can pass their debilitating and limiting beliefs and into full self-expression as they elevate their lives and their businesses!



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