Receive MAXIMUM EXPOSURE with a Lead Up for Women membership. Annual VIP memberships offer an array of valuable benefits to lift and promote a strong community of women leaders.  Our GOAL is to spread your message and share your story on an array of platforms designed specifically for Women. People do business with companies that are authentic that they can connect to. We brilliantly lift you to a higher level for you to Connect, Influence, and Lead in your industry! Yes you can live the life you desire by doing what it is that lights you up, serves others and is your Creative Genius. Let us SPOTLIGHT you to the world, one platform at a time! 



Become a leader in your market and Lead Up For Women. VIP members have exclusive features such as the ability to host monthly webinars and get early invites to our quarterly retreats. They also get Annual Access To Events, Resources, And Our Print/Digital Magazine! Click on one of the tiles below to select your membership payment type.

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You deserve it and have completely earned the support and respect we offer you! Why? Because you are ENOUGH and don't let anyone tell you any differently! Lead Up's community provides real resources, real results, and real growth! Lead Up for Women is here to connect you to the community of female leaders, change-makers, and resources that will fuel your vision and life's path. With the purchase of the VIP Membership, you Immediately have FREE access to endless online resources, podcast interviews and appearances, webinar hosting, workshop facilitation, and magazine contributions including, but not limited to:

  • Interview Opportunity to be a guest on our Podcast Lead Up for Women: Speak Up To Lead Up to promote you, your story/message, and business.
  • Live social media opportunities as Lead Up for Women promotes you, your message/story and your business or project launch
  • Ability to co-host on our podcast twice per year for book launches, project launches, etc.
  • First Look and Access to all books released by our Co-Founder and the Lead Up for Women Community
  • Exclusive access to online Blog posts and the ability to submit blog posts to be published by Lead Up for Women
  • Library access to Lead Up downloadable resources, including past #Teaching Tuesday Webinars, online leadership courses and more.
  • Host a #Teaching Tuesday Webinar that will promote you, your company and your message
  • Early Bird Invitations and VIP treatment for all of our National & International Events
  • Free printed & digital bi-monthly Lead Up Magazine delivered directly to your home or office.
  • Opportunity to be spotlighted in our weekly #Thrive Thursday Newsletter as one of the weekly females that inspire us to thrive (sent to over 11,000 subscribers per week)
  • JV Partnerships to drive more traffic to your business on our Partners Page
  • Submit an article to be published by Lead Up for Women in the Bi-Monthly Magazine (delivered to over 27,000 digitally and over 5,000 in print)
  • Affiliate Partnership opportunities to promote your business in our weekly #Thrive Thursday Newsletter (sent to over 11,000 subscribers per week)
  • Sponsorship Opportunities to place an Ad in our Bi-Monthly magazine (delivered to over 27,000 digitally and over 5,000 in print)
  • Sponsor one of our annual and/or quarterly events to continue keeping your business and your message top of mind to our growing global community.
  • Access to contact information for all other Lead Up for Women Community Members via our Member Directory
  • Ability to connect. Influence. Lead with all members any time on our private Facebook Group!
  • Discounts on products and programs offered by the Lead Up For Women community.
  • Service opportunities through our ever-growing Philanthropic community.
  • Free digital bi-monthly magazine delivered directly to your email (VIP members get our limited print issues!).
  • Free subscription to the e-newsletter, which features weekly podcast interviews, upcoming events, #Thrive Thursday, Joint Venture partnerships, and more.
  • Ability to submit articles for the bi-monthly magazine.
  • Sponsorship opportunities in the e-newsletter, magazine, podcast and online.
  • Free listing in the online membership directory.
  • Access to contact information for all other Lead Up for Women members.
  • Ability to with all members any time.
  • Ability to Connect, Influence, & Lead with all members at any time.

"Colleen is such an inspiring individual. Her community that she has built is full of amazing and supportive women. She has a fantastic podcast and provides so much value to everyone in her community! Make sure to join Lead Up for Women!"

Lead Up For Women Member

"I have been so impressed with the generosity Colleen Biggs and Lead Up for Women have offered me and my business. Colleen is energized by supporting the success of others. She is proactively helping members to gain market exposure, develop presentation skills and build community with like-minded change-makers."

Veronica Vargas
Member & Founder Of Shaboo! Prints

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